Welcome to Quantum Technical Solutions

Manage and promote consulting service company to serve the petrochemical industry... our current offerings are as follows:

  • Programing and Bar-code (AIDC technology) Applications for Industrial Customers
  • IT / Programming Consultation for specialty applications in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Management consulting services for barcode scanners and printers, computers, and wireless networks.
  • Project planning and management, deployment, training, for the warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution industries.

Efficiency Evaluation and Procedural Implementation Consultant

Our team of efficiency evaluators help businesses throughout improve their processes, rethink their strategies, and implement solutions for success. Our goal with each client is for ongoing improvement, and each cost cutting measure we recommend is for the purpose of increasing value without losing effectiveness. Our Process includes:

  • Conduct a meticulous analysis of your entire company or a specific department
  • Help your business cut costs for the purpose of increasing value & profitability
  • Develop strategies for optimizing your business processes
  • Provide suggestions for time management & resource allocation
  • Increase your business' worth through improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, & retention
  • Strengthen employee commitment & morale
  • Analyze offline & online marketing (including social media strategies) for ROI

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